Vu Televisions CEO Devita Saraf congratulates Donald Trump on his Presidential inauguration

Founder, CEO and Design Head of Vu Televisions Devita Saraf is congratulating Donald Trump on becoming the 45th President of the United States of America in Vu Tvs latest advertisement. The advert also wished to look forward to a strong & inspired relationship between India & USA. Devita is also a promoter of Zenith Computers (India) Zenith Infotech Limited.

The advert further showcased CEO Devita Saraf modelling with the world’s first 65/75 premium UHD TV with Pixelight Technology. 2016 was not just a great year for Vu Televisions, but an epic one. Vu TVs have one million satisfied customers and is the #1 selling TV brand online in India, through its successful partnership with Flipkart. It is the only TV brand in India that has pioneered A+ grade panels and has also won the prestigious “TV of the Year” award. From the launch of its Netflix ready TVs to the premium smart range and the very high-end Premium UHD HDR and Curve TVs, Vu Televisions has established itself as the 4th largest premium TV brand after Sony, Samsung and LG. Now Vu has set its sights for 2017, with a host of exciting launches and will continue to bring the best in TV technology at the most competitive prices. With its ever-growing fan base, the new year can only get better for this trend setting brand.

Vu also showed gratefulness to its customers, partners and team for its success and looks forward to a strong and inspired relationship in 2017 and beyong.

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