Valentine’s Day 2017: United Colors of Benetton wants women empowerment

Italian brand United Colors of Benetton is united by half this Valentine’s Day as company wants you to pledge for women empowerment. Company has named it as “Benetton Women Empowerment Program”. The newly married couple is shown in the advert with sword in the hands of both men & women. Here is the poem recited by United Colors of Benetton for women equality –

We are not better halves.
Or worse.
And we are definitely not
the weaker halves.
We won’t settle for less.
All we want is our half.
Our half of the space.
Our half of the take.
Our half of the give.
Our half of the strength.
Our half of the food on the table.
Our half of the food on the table.
Our half of the opportunity for education
Our half of the decisions
in the decision-making.

Women have been denied their
half for far too long.
This Valentine’s Day,
let’s unite for the equal half.

The poem further continues on the second page as –

As men, we were told we are the stronger ones.
But the strength of will has no gender.
We were told we should lead.
But vision doesn’t come in his and hers.

No longer will the decisions that
affect us both, be made by just one.
It’s time we claim our halves too.

Our half of the responsibility as a son.
Our half of the sacrifice as a partner.
Our half of sleepless nights as a father.
Our half of the commitment as a friend.
Our half of compromise as a colleague.

It’s not about treating women better.
It’s about treating them as equals.
This Valentine’s Day,
let’s unite for their equal half.

Log on to
to Pledge For Half.

Poem is promoted with a hastag – #UnitedByHalf


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