Times of India to organize Times Organ Donation Drive on 13 August

The Times of India and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital & medical research institute presents Organ Donation Drive on 13 August 2017. Here message from the advert –

His mother says he’ll be back home for his 9th birthday. Why is she lying?

She can’t tell her son that his liver is failing. Can’t tell him that he’s one of the millions Indians who need organ transplants. And there simply aren’t enough donors.

She really has no choice. But you do. You can sign up to be an organ donor and improve her son’s chances of survival. So is she still a liar? That depends on you.

Register to be an organ donor at www.organdonationday.in. To show your support, give a missed call at 8080055555.

NGO partners of ODD are Mohan Foundation, Shatayu and Gift Organ.

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