Ramdev wants you to be a sensible & smart homemaker by using Patanjali products

India’s famous yoga teacher cum FMCG tycoon Ramkrishna Yadav famously known as Baba Ramdev wants you to be a sensible and smart homemaker by using Patanjali natural products, the company which he founded in 2006. You can save up to 25 – 50% in this sluggish phase of demonetization. Ramdev also notifies you in the advert that do not play with lives of your innocent children and family, by falling prey to the glitzy advertisement, false propaganda and temptation.

He further says, What is good or bad for your children and family, will this be decided by any brand ambassador? Are these paid brand ambassadors scientists or specialists? Boycott those people who promote products by taking hefty free of 20 to 25 crores, and use 100% pure and natural, low priced, world class quality Patanjali products.

All Patanjali products are made under Ramdev’s personal supervision. He along with teaching yoga in the early morning, selflessly take full responsibility of entire process from research to raw material to manufacturing. It is an open fact that Patanjali is not a corporate or a business house. Patanjali is not owned by a businessman. 100% profit of Patanjali is meant for service & charity. Ramdev and his team has rendered services to the tune of thousands of crores of people and have taken pledge of creating employment for lakhs of people and prosperity to crores of farmers and serving 125 crore country men.

He further notifies that while multinationals take everything from our country, they carry away thousands of crores of rupees in the name of profit and royalty. As East India Company plundered our country for 200 years, likewise these multinationals are exploiting our country by selling their harmful and dangerous products. Beware!

Ramdev closes with a remark asking, has any of these companies done any service to our country like Patanjali does. He has also promised that by the end of January 2017, Patanjali shall provide you Rice Bran oil, Groundnut oil, Soyabean, Sunflower, Sesame and Coconut oil etc, which would be of physically refined virgin quality and made without any chemical process.

Here are some scientific facts about Patanjali’s products:

There are more than 200 scientists working in ultra modern research facilities, where Patanjali do all kind of research and then make products for you | All Patanjali products are 100% pure and natural | Patanjali Atta is high-fiber, natural chakki wheat atta | Patanjali Honey has met more than 100 parameters of purity | Patanjali Ghee is free from any animal fat, vegetable oil or any kind of adulteration and artificial colors and meets more than 29 parameters of purity | Patanjali Kacchi Ghani pure Mustard Oil is free of chemical processing | Patanjali Biscuits have no maida, cholesterol and are trans-fat free | Patanjali Pulses are unpolished and full of protein | Kesh Kanti hair oil does not contain cancer causing Mineral Oil | There is no cancer using SLS in Dant Kanti Junior meant for children | Dant Kanti Advance has mixture of 26 herbs for protection and long life of your teeth | Kesh Kanti Shampoo is prepared with precious herbs | In Patanjali’s Herbal Home-care range, the dish-wash contains ingredients like ash, neem and lemon, washing powder and bar has rose, neem etc, that not only cleans the clothes thoroughly but also protects your hand and expensive clothes

Patanjali slogan: Prakriti ka Aashirwad (Nature’s Blessing)

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