Patanjali celebrates Jadi-Buti Diwas on the birthday of Acharya Balkrishna

On the occasion of the birthday of Acharya Balkrishna, a renowned and widely worshipped sage of Ayurved, millions of people will come together with Patanjali and plant medicinal plants and pay their respect and give their wishes to Acharya. Patanjali is celebrating 4th August as Jadi-Buti Diwas.

Here are Acharya Balkrishna’s contributions –

Research: Patanjali Research Institute is the first centre of Ayurved in the world where more than 300 senior scientists follow the footsteps and leadership of Acharya to do intensive research on critical diseases, thereby giving Ayurved an authentic and scientific recognition. PM Narendra Modi himself inaugurated this Research Centre few days back

Herbal encyclopaedia and literature service: First time, after searching more than 4 lakhs herbs, plants and vegetations across the world, morethan 60,000 herbs, plants and vegetations are discovered which possess medicinal qualities. This herbal encyclopaedia (World Pharmacological Code) is a grand literature, consisting of about 1.5 lakhs pages. Its first part has been inaugurated by the Prime Minister. This book has been published by being translated into all the Indian languages and 25 other languages spoken across the different parts of world. In addition, it will be published by being further translated into more than 100 languages. Along with “Ayurved Rahasya”, “Jadi-Booti Rahasya” and “Aushadhi Darshan”, 45 other literatures and books are written and published by Acharya and the work of conserving rare manuscripts and publishing saints’ rare literatures is in the process

Unparalleled talent and great character: Despite his education, strength and endless divine grandeur, Acharya was unscathed, selfless and spent his life doing charity. He studied the relationship between a Guru and a student in his Gurukul and after that he went to start an efficiently operated management, body artisans and human sculptors for some of the most renowned universities in the world and started several foreign industries. Acharya has brought happiness, prosperity, peace and divinity in the lives of million of his followers and each one of them give him endless wishes on the occasion of his birthday

“Throughout the journey of Patanjali from Arth to Parmaarth, Acharya ji’s unconditional contribution has been immense. He has devoted himself for Yog, Ayurved, Research and served the country though self-respect which has been a mission for him throughout his life. I wish Shri Acharya Ji a healthy, blissful and a long life ahead.” – Swami Ramdev

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