Narang Group launches O’cean Active Water with German expertise

Introducing O’cean Active Water. Formulated with German expertise, it’s got minerals, no artificial sweeteners or colours and 40% less calories than classic carbonated drinks. Because today’s people on the go need smarter hydration to get the most of every minute. The product is launched by Narang Group.

O’cean Active Water is available at Hypercity, More store. The product is targeted towards energetic person who needs smart hydration. The water is marked as vegetarian. Available only in Indian market, O’cean Active is a non-carbonated water based flavoured drink.

Narang Group slogan: Inspiring Healthy Hydration

Email: | Telephone: 022-61330508

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1 comment for “Narang Group launches O’cean Active Water with German expertise

  1. Dr Mohsin
    April 20, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    I taste ur drink at Delhi metro the taste of water and muskmelon flavor
    It awesome drink for summer season
    I just check availability in chhindwara mp
    Plz give address for same

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