Mother’s Day 2017: Johnson’s commitment on safety and care of your baby

It takes nine months to have a baby, and over hundred years to make a promise that is best for baby.

Read the safety and care commitment from Johnson’s on 2017 Mother’s Day –

Remember the moment you held your baby for the first time? It is a moment of pure love and a promise to always care and protect. It is the power of this moment that has inspired us over 100 years to make products that can live up to the promise you make to your baby. So only the purest and the best touch your baby.

To us, this means safe, pure, rigorously tested and the most advanced formulations that science and love can create. It is a commitment to make products that are always safe, mild and effective.

That’s why every Johnson’s product is built on a ‘mother’s instinct’ and backed by science. Every Johnson’s clinically proven mild product is especially designed for babies, adheres to 15 stringent global standards and undergoes testing in real households by thousands of moms around the world.

It is this unwavering commitment that has made Johnson’s the 1st Doctor recommended brand in India (based on the survey conducted by IMS ealth in selected metro cities with pediatricians of India during Aug-Sept 2014) and why millions of moms around the world trust us to care for their babies. It is what drives us. It is what value the most.

Your assurance and peace of mind is our biggest priority. For any queries on any of our products do allow us to explain our care.

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Johnson’s slogan: so much more.

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