Monitor your blood sugar with Accu-Chek and enjoy the holidays

Diabetes shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the holidays. Sharing your Accu-Chek Active blood sugar reading with your doctor will help you stay in range. Accu-Chek is a trademark of Roche Diabetes Care.

  • Accu-Chek is the world’s number 1 blood sugar monitoring brand (based on worldwide sales data reported by multinational companies)
  • Meets the latest global accuracy standards (criterion A of clause 6.3 for the lot tested, Freckmann et al., JDST, 6(5), 2012)
  • Ask your chemist for Accu-Chek Active today | Call on 1800 120 6020 |

Update, 2nd advert: Diabetes doesn’t hold me back from enjoying the mango season.

Update, 3rd advert: Why should diabetes stop me from enjoying the rains?

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