Manage your cholesterol, weight and heart health with Saffola Total edible oil

With 2X anti oxidant power, Saffola Total edible oil wants to be India’s expert solution for modern day lifestyle. It helps in managing lifestyle problems of today like cholesterol, weight and heart health. It also fights free radicals in your body with the help of antioxidant power.

Modern day lifestyle is determined as a part of balanced diet low in fat including saturated fat coupled with regular physical activity will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Losorb technology in Saffola Total reduces oil absorption in food, thus helping manage calories and in turn helping weight management. MUFA aka monounsaturated fatty acids is also known to help manage weight.

Few more characteristics of Saffola Total which has its slogan Dil ka High Science

  • Reduces absorption of fat in food and thereby helps manage calories, thus helping manage weight
  • Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in your body
  • Fights free radicals in your body

Saffola Total is produced by Indian consumer goods company from Mumbai named Marico.

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