Kaya launches Hair Restore Expert Transplants for men

Your charisma. Your charm. Your style. It isn’t just your hairline that’s receding. Discover Kaya Expert hair transplants.

When you lose your hair, you lose a part of you. Kaya HairRESTORE Expert Transplants are performed by experienced doctors specialized in hair transplants. Choose this advanced procedure, customizes & recommended for your stage of baldness to help you regain natural looking hair.

Kaya Expert Hair Transplant Solutions involve an advanced Follicular Unit Extraction method, with no cuts, stitches ir scars. The Hair Transplant Solutions comes with no-stress plan pay easy EMIs and at special invitation price.

Highlights of HairRESTORE Expert Transplants are –

  • For Men and Women
  • Advanced hair loss solutions
  • Hair health boost solutions
  • Expert hair transplants

For an in-depth consultation, SMS Hair to 54646 | www.kaya.in

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