Holi 2017: South Delhi Municipal Corporation lists the do’s and dont’s for cleanliness

South Delhi Municipal Corporation wishing everyone a very happy holi with a slogan swachhata ke liye ho jaye do-do haath (Let’s put our strength for cleanliness). SDMC has listed the do’s and dont’s to maintain cleanliness around the Delhi –


  • Holi is a festival of joy, celebrate it in a spirit of friendship and harmony
  • Extend your cooperation to SDMC’s “Safai Karamcharis”. Help them to keep the city clean
  • All residents must ensure segregation of garbage and its disposal in the appropriate dustbins
  • Dispose your garbage in the nearest dhalao/waste collection centres
  • Maintain cleanliness in and around your premises
  • Use only chemical-free, herbal colours in public places, to help their easy cleaning


  • Don’t use chemical based or toxic colours
  • Don’t throw mud or dirt on people
  • Don’t throw garbage outside your home
  • Don’t waste water or throw coloured water on roads
  • Don’t litter the parks or harm the plants and trees
  • Don’t throw plastic bags in water outlets/drains
  • Don’t play holi in public places with permanent colours, to avoid difficulty in their cleaning

SDMC supports Swachh Bharat campaign | For any assistance or complaint contact: Toll free number 1800111140 or website mcdonline.gov.in

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