HDFC Mutual Fund wants you to increase your SIP Budget with SIP Top-up

Increase your SIP Budget with SIP Top-up (Systematic Investment Plan). Inflation and rising expenses have a way of eating into your investments. Stay ahead with SIP Top-up, a service that let you increase a percentage of your investments or a fixed amount periodically. So your investments car fight inflation and be future-ready. The advert was released a day after 2017 Union budget of India was presented. Here are the highlights of SIP Top-up –

  • Helps fight inflation
  • Adapts to your rising income
  • Helps reach financial goals faster
  • Allows you to keep investing in an existing SIP rather than opening a new one

Launched by HDFC Mutual Fund and Invest-Wise (An investor education initiative)

To know more, contact your financial advisor or visit

But still Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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