Get door-step dry cleaning from Apparelogy at Rs. 120 per piece

Feel the magic you felt, the first time you wore it. Get state-of-the-art, door-step dry cleaning from Apparelogy. The company was founded by Khyat Mahajan and Uday Aditya.

Apparelogy also deals in whitening of white clothes, color enhancement, starching, alteration, mending, darning, zip fixing, leather cleaning, footwear cleaning and bags/purse cleaning. Highlights of the services by Apparelogy –

  • Garment offer: Rs. 120 per piece (minimum order of 5 garments)
  • Free pick-up & delivery
  • 48 hours delivery
  • Insured garments
  • Safe cleaning agents
  • Safe chemicals
  • Germ free
  • Safe handling
  • Expert care
  • Also provides add ons like colour spa, whitening & starching

Call: +91 9817 030303 | Also available on WhatsApp |

Payments accepted by Paytm, Mastercard, Visa, Cash

Apparelogy slogan: The best care for what you wear

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