French kitchen & home appliances brand Tefal arrives in India

The world’s number 1 brand (Independent panel 2015 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition) Tefal is now in India. Tefal brings to you state-of-the-art small domestic appliances designed to every Indian need, in a fast paced and ever changing world. Tefal is a French brand founded by Faisal Mahmood in 1956.

  • Air purifier: Patented nano-captur filtration technology permanently destroys carcinogenic formaldehyde to give pure air
  • Steam irons: Innovative durilium technology for smooth ironing & crisp result
  • Kitchen machine: Patented flex whisk technology for gourmet baking and cooking
  • Cookware range: Patented thermo-spot technology & titanium coating for outstanding results day after day | My Tefal: 1860-200-1232 | Customer Care:

For Sales Enquiry in Delhi: Ashutosh Singh: 9910526203, Sumit Paul: 9871286297
For Sales Enquiry in Gurugram & Faridabad: Santosh Rawat: 9910526203
For Sales Enquiry in Mumbai: Mithilesh Goswami: 8108498606, Amit Sharma: 7738185486
For Sales Enquiry in Bengaluru: Shajee Nambiar: 9845034360
For Distribution Enquiry: Chennai: Khalil Khan: 9176750936, Hyderabad: Venkat Ch:9701439996
For All India Modern Trade & Regional Chain Stores: Rajat Dheer: 9833499982
For Institutional Enquiry: Region North: Pawan Agarwal: 991007975, Region East: Utsab Maity: 8013627866, Region South: S. Basaveswar: 9900199018, Region West: Harsh Bhardwaj: 9320717887

Tefal slogan: Get the best out of everyday

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