Dindayal Aushadhi launches 303 Capsule to boost sexual life

Working in Ayurvedic field since 1927, Gwalior based Dindayal Aushadhi has launched 303 capsule. The capsule will help you boost your sexual life and drive. A formula of 41 power booster herbs including Swarna Bhasma, Saffron, Shilajit etc. for abundant enthusiasm and vigour. 303 boosts the testosterone levels in the body, avoiding erectile dysfunction. The capsule calms muscles over erectile tissue and penile arteries, which maintain erections.  Use 303 at night with one capsule a day.

Use Dindayal Shilajit Power Capsule (containing the power of Gold) and 303 Gold Power Oil, prepared with the method of Swarna Spandana, for better results.

Prices of the products –

Available at all medical stores, help line: 96440-1794 | Traders may get benefit of Super Bumper ‘Shilajit’ Offer.


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