Digital Locker Authority invites applications for licensing of Digital Locker Service Providers

The Digital Locker Authority (DLA) invites applications for licensing of Digital Locker Service Providers (DLSPs) for Digital Locker Portal.

What is digital locker?

Digital Locker is a system to provide citizens with real time access to dematerialized documents issued by various Government and Private Agencies.

The first Digital Locker Service Provider called as DigiLocker ( was launched by Prime Minister on lst July 2015. In July 2016, Ministry of Electronics 8t Information Technology notified Information Technology (Preservation and Retention of Information by Intermediaries Providing Digital Locker Facilities) Rules, 2016 under Information Technology Act (2000) and further amendment rules on 8th Feb 2017.

As per provisions of these rules, it has now been decided to license public 8! private agencies to provide Digital Locker Services. These services include setting up of infrastructure to provide Digital Locker Portal with in-built Gateway Functionality to provide the following services –

  1. Allowing citizens to sign up for a Digital Locker account via web based portal or mobile app.
  2. Allow accessing of documents from issuers using document references available in the Digital Locker account.
  3. Allowing access to requesters to access issued documents by providing document references.

Who can apply?

An eligible applicant should be an agency of the appropriate Government or a body corporate. Body Corporate should fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  1. (a) In case of a company – The entity should have a minimum of Rs. 5 crores in paid-up capital;
    (b) In case of a partnership/proprietorship firm -the partners should have invested minimum of Rs. 5 crores in the Partnership as shown in the partnership deed.
  2. The entity should have a minimum of Rs. 50 crores of net worth.
  3. The equity share capital/ stake of the entity held in aggregate by NRls, FIIs or foreign companies
    should not exceed 49% of its capital.

Process of becoming digital locker service provider –

  1. Applicant will build their digital locker service in conformance to the Digital Locker Technology
    Framework and security and procedural guidelines published by DLA
  2. Applicant will submit DLSP Licence application to Digital Locker Authority (DLA). (A workshop will be held for prospective DLSPs)
  3. DLA will examine the application to ascertain eligibility as per the eligibility criteria.
  4. Post establishment of eligibility Standardization Testing and Quality Certification Directorate (ST QC) will undertake audit of the applicant’s infrastructure as per the frameworks & guidelines published by DLA.
  5. On successful audit, licence to be granted by DLA as per laid down procedures.

For further information refer to

Issued by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India and Digital Locker Authority.

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