In-detail Patanjali Divya Pharmacy’s Ayurvedic products in India

Divya Pharmacy’s Ayurvedic offerings in service of the country.

Ayurved’s Scientific Vedic Tradition – Under the guidance of Revered Swami Ramdev and Ayurved expert, Acharaya Balkrishna, a team of over 200 senior scientists and skilled doctors at Patanjali Research Foundation have been conducting research to produce Divya Pharmacy’s ayurvedic medicines for the past 22 years in an authentic and scientific pattern, where millions of patients have been blessed with disease-free life through these medicines.

Patanjali Mega Store, Chikitsalya and Arogya Kendra – Patanjali have over 5000 outlets spread across country. Medicines are sold through exclusive stores only, along with free medical consultation, rendered by qualified (B.A.M.S and M.D) Ayurved doctors.

Why adopt Ayurved? – Ayurvedic treatment is extremely beneficial for ailments lik hypertension (High BP), diabetes, obesity, arthritis, asthma, skin diseases, chronic and critical problems and related complications of liver, kidney and the digestive system. Unlike allopathy, the herbs and medicines in Ayurved do not carry any negative side-effects since they are completely natural and perfected over thousand of years.

The ayurvedic medicines of Divya Pharmacy are Chandraprabha Vati, Arogyavardhini Vati, Avipattikar Churna, Triphala Churna, Sitopaladi Churna, Moti Pishti, all types of Bhasma, Asava – Arishta, Oil, Juices and Tonics, Kupikva and over 250 classical and patented medicines.

Below are all the ayurvedic medicines produced by Divya Pharmacy by using scientific an classical methods –

  • Mukta Vati: For high blood pressure
  • Madhunashini Vati: For diabetes
  • Hridyamrit Vati: For heart and cholesterol
  • Medha Vati: For memory enchancement
  • Divya Kantilep: For skin diseases
  • Gashar Churna: For gastroenterities
  • Divya Churna and Triphala Churna: For constipation
  • Divya Herbal Peya: Ayurvedic tea
  • Chandraprabha Vati & Vatari Churna: For arthritis
  • Medohar Vati: For obesity
  • Cold relief inhaler & cough drop: For cough & cold
  • Swasari Pravadhi: For cough, cold & asthma
  • Divya Dant Manjan: For strong teeth and healthy gums
  • Khadiradi Vati: Extremely effective against cough

Availability information: Divya Yog Mandir Charitable Trust manages and runs Divya Pharmacy whose ayurvedic medicines are available only at Patanjali Mega Store, Chikitsalaya and Arogya Kendra. You also visit Patanjali stores to get free consultation with doctors and to buy Divya Pharmacy medicines along with the complete range of products. Patanjali Ayurved has more than 500 products, these pure food products and herbal beauty products are available at Patanjali stores as well as various shops in the open market.

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