Cook, serve and store your kitchen work in Borosil Glassware

Made by Gujarat based Borosil Glass Works Limited (BGWL), Borosil Glass does it all, its a multitasking glass for your kitchen jobs. The glass is 100% borosilicate, freezer proof and clarity guaranteed. Here are its highlights –

Cooking: 100% borosilicate glass ensures that Borosil products can easily be heated up to 350 degree celsius, which makes Borosil Glassware perfect for cooking, baking or reheating

Serving: Borosil glass retains its brightness, year after year. Which is why, with over 150 shapes and sizes, Borosil Glassware is always perfect to serve the delicious food

Storing: Borosil’s stackable storage range keeps your fridge looking clean and organized, allowing you to find whatever you need with just a glance

Borosil glassware are available at all leading retail outlets and you can also shop online at

For trade inquiries contact: 09810052587, For corporate inquiries: 08295958586. Sales Office: Borosil Glass Works Limited, 19 / 90, Connaught Circus, (Madras Hotel Block), New Delhi – 110 001. India Tel: (011) 2334 3897 / 2374 2136, Fax: 011 2374 6689, email:,

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