Construction permits now made easy in Delhi and Mumbai by Urban Development Ministry

Ease of doing business: Construction permits. Delhi and Mumbai have made it lot easier now. 51 other cities with million plus population to do so soon. How it is easier and speedier now?

  • One stop solution
  • Simplified single online applicaion. No manual submission
  • Automatic online fee calculator
  • Online digitally signed building plan approval
  • Common online request for completion certificate
  • No need for any personal visits
  • Colour Coded Zonal Maps for all NOCs like AAI, NMA etc.
  • GIS based plot wise guidance for NOC available online
  • Online payments to avoid physical visits
  • About 30 processes reduced to 8
  • No need for several affidavits. Now, only one undertaking
  • No need to run to different agencies for NOCs, all integrated and finally building plan approval in less than 30 days and completion/occupancy certificate in less than 21 days


  • Time bound approvals under the State Right to Service Act, 2015
  • Average time for approvals reduced from 365 days to 23 now
  • Average time for commencement certificate reduced from 90 days to 9 now
  • Average time for occupancy/completion certificate reduced from 90 days to 9 now
  • | If you had different experience inform at: Helpline no.: 09821957141,, Contact- Sanjay Nirmal (AE): 09869022036


  • 2100 building plans sanctioned online since April 2016
  • 30% sanctioned within 72 hours
  • 28% in 4-7 days
  • 42% in 8-29 days
  • Deemed sanction on 31st day
  • | If you had difference experience inform at: mail-, Helpline no.: 011 23227413/14, Whatsapp- 971778840, Contact: Dr. Aqil Ahmed- 9643335501

Initiative led by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

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