Chivas 18 Alchemy scotch to be crafted by Sussanne Khan, Sunil Sethi, Kalyani Chawla, Ashish N Soni & Vinod Nair

For Chivas 18 Alchemy whisky, five virtuosos turn alchemists and dabble in the unlikely, to craft new expressions of creativity from a palette of 85 notes, over eighteen magical hours. What brings them together, is the bespoke spirit of Chivas and their passion for handcrafted luxury that appeals to the five senses.

Alchemy is a bespoke blended Scotch whisky which will be crafted for Chivas 18 by –

  • Sussanne Khan, Interior designer
  • Sunil Sethi, President of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI)
  • Kalyani Saha Chawla, CEO & Founder of
  • Ashish N Soni, Fashion designer
  • Vinod Nair, Fashion & Luxury writer

Delhi & Mumbai | February – April 2017

Chivas Alchemy slogan: Crafted for the senses

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