Buy a Blue Star AC before GST on 1 July & win Singapore holiday, 100% cashback or free installation

See where you could go when you buy a Blue Star AC before GST. Blue Star presents exclusive offers on AC.

If you buy a Blue Star AC before GST rolls in this 1st of July, you get a chance to win a trip to Singapore for 3 days and 2 nights. Other attractive benefits include cashback up to 100%, 1-year extended warranty and free standard installation.

Founded in 1983, Blue Star Infotech Ltd is a global provider of product development services, enterprise solutions and services, travel technology solutions and testing services with operations in North America, Europe, UK, and India. It is based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Santa Clara, New Jersey, London, Singapore and Malaysia. Blue Star Infotech is ranked in the list of 2013 Global Services 100 companies as a leader Global IT and Business Process Outsourcing. Microsoft awarded Blue Star Infotech with the “Best Dynamics Partner of the Year” in India for financial year 2006 & 2008.

In India:

With an annual revenue of over ₹4400 crores , Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. It has a network of 35 offices, 5 modern manufacturing facilities, 2700 employees, 2200 dealers and 600 retailers. The Company has manufacturing facilities at Dadra, Himachal, Wada and Ahmedabad. It offers one of India’s widest range of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration products, as well as a range of air purifiers, water purifiers, air coolers, cold storages and specialty products.

So buy a Blue Star AC before the implementation of GST and get the following offers:

  • Chance to win a free holiday in Singapore
  • Up to 100% cash-back
  • 1-Year extended warranty
  • Free standard installation

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