For budget print advertising, Times of Festivals will be organized from 22 July to 20 October

Got big dreams? Don’t let small budgets stop you. Print first. Times of Festivals from 22 July to 20 October

When it comes to advertising in Print, any budget is a good budget. That’s because Print offers the flexibility of ad size, markets, zones within a city and innovative options, that enable efficient use of your budget.

The Times Group offers a wide choice – the largest English and Business dailies, 4 language papers, 100+ editions, reaching more than 80 lakh households every morning. A reach and offering that can make your dreams come true.

For customised solutions and attractive schemes, write to and Times Group will partner you in fulfilling your dream.

Update, 2nd advert: Want to be talked about? Do something worth talking about. Print first. There’s no better medium than print for high talkability. Print offers multiple innovation options that engages all five senses. Be it a talking newspaper or a fragrant one, your brand can do almost the impossible on print.

Update, 3rd advert: Want to land a punch? Pick the right spot. Print first. When you want to give your competition a knockout punch, there is no better option than Print. Newspaper ads provide high impact, credibility and noticeability. Better than any other medium.

Update, 4th advert: Got a strong product? Match it with a credible brand. Print first. A good product alone cannot win markets. Strong brands do. And brands are built on trust. To build credibility for your brand, advertise in the most credible medium – the newspaper.

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