Axis Bank launches senior privilege account with high FD rates

Your secrets are as selfless as you ma (mother). Axis Bank has launched senior privilege account. The advert showcases a poem written by a daughter for her mother –

I remember that mysterious tin box hidden deep in your almari (wardrobe).
A faded rose on the lid. Your name etched on the rim.
And now, after all these years,
I can see your secret sacrifices stored inside.

Coins jingling with your sighs as you
walked to the market, saving on bus fare.

Notes stained with your sweat
as you juggled being a part-time tutor,
a full-time homemaker and a non-stop mother.

We know how precious your box of savings is, Ma.
So will you allow us to give you a new,
special place to nest it in?
Of course, this little place is not as big as your heart.
But it is as special as your sacrifices.
It’s called the Senior Privilege Account.
But the real privilege, is ours.

Senior Privilege Account specially for your ma.

Highlights of Senior Privilege Account are –

  • Higher Fixed Deposit (FD) rates
  • 25% discount on lockers

RBI never deals with individuals for savings account, current account, credit card, debit card etc.

Axis Bank Dear Ma TVC –

Axis Bank slogan: Progress on…

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