Answers: Why Amul hiked its milk price and what are the new pricing

She feeds the nation. She has to feed her family too. Amul is informing its consumers that every rupee taken from you, almost 80 paise is paid back to the dairy farmers, who are it’s owners. It’s the best consumer-to-producer price ratio in this part of the world. Here’s why price are hiked –

  • A dairy farmer should be able to cover the cost of production and earn her livelihood to keep producing milk
  • An increase in the raw material cost of cattle feed & labour costs has led to an increase in the cost of milk prduction. It affects 36 lakh farmer families affiliated to Amul dairy cooperatives. Amul is, therefore, compelled to partly pass on this hike to its consumers
  • The milk prices are revised by only 4-5%. This price hike will flow back to the farmers directly and not in the pockets of the middlemen
  • The new prices will be effective from 11th March 2017 in Delhi, NCR and UP

For any clarification, contact on 011 – 28524336/37, Ghaziabad: 0120 – 2862415/2861316; Agra: 8750470011 / Toll free number: 1800 258 333

The are the existing and revised pricing of Amul products:

  • Amul Gold: SKU- 500 ml, Existing MRP- Rs. 25, Revised MRP- Rs. 26 | SKU- 1 litre, Existing MRP- Rs. 49, Revised MRP- Rs. 51
  • Amul Taaza: SKU- 500 ml, Existing MRP- Rs. 20, Revised MRP- Rs. 21 | SKU- 1 litre, Existing MRP- Rs. 39, Revised MRP- Rs. 41
  • Amul Slim n Trim: SKU- 500 ml, Existing MRP- Rs. 18, Revised MRP- Rs. 19 | SKU- 200 ml, Existing MRP- Rs. 7.50, Revised MRP- Rs. 8
  • Amul Cow: SKU- 500 ml, Existing MRP- Rs. 21, Revised MRP- Rs. No Change
  • Amul Diamond: SKU- 500 ml, Existing MRP- Rs. 26, Revised MRP- Rs. 27.50 | SKU- 1 litre, Existing MRP- Rs. 51, Revised MRP- Rs. 54

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