Amul wishes new year with its Premium Chocolates

India’s most celebrated dairy cooperative, Anand Milk Union Limited aka Amul wants you to unwrap love this new year 2017 with its range of premium chocolates.

Each chocolate pack weighs 150 gm and is 100% vegetarian. Every chocolate has a shelf life of 12 months and needs a room temperature of 15°Celsius. The variety of premium chocolates offered by Amul includes:

  • Dark Chocolate: Includes 55% cocoa and proves perfect to help blood flow and lower blood pressure. Also available in 40 gm pack, Rs. 95 (on big basket)
  • Mysctic Mocha: Introduced with best quality coffee-Mocha which gives you a combined taste of coffee, cocoa and chocolate. Includes 55% cocoa, Rs. 115 (on Amul Online)
  • Tropical Orange: Includes 55% cocoa, Rs. 118.75 (on big basket)
  • Bitter Chocolate: Includes 55% cocoa, Rs. 118.75 (on big basket)
  • Fruit ‘N’ Nut: Mixture of fruits and nuts. Includes 55% cocoa. Also available in 40 gm pack. Rs. 95 (on big basket)
  • Milk Chocolate: Made with rich creamy milk, helps improving heart and brain functions. Also available in 20 gm and 40 gm packs, Rs. 95 (on big basket)

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