After 40 years of business, Relaxo Footwear changes its logo

The times are changing, for a changing India, for a trendsetting India and for a young India Relax Footwear has released their new logo. With 40 years in footwear business, the new Relaxo embraces the dynamic values of young India: Transformation, Optimism and Positive energy.

With a steadfast commitment, Relaxo has geared to meet the quality and choice expectation of its young customers. The new look of Relaxo reflects the brand’s dynamism by forward slanting letter in Berry Blue and Sunny Yellow, while the wave signifies effortless movement towards progress.

Flitre, Sparx, Bahamas and Schoolmate the brands owned by Relaxo. The company was founded in 1976 by M. L. Dua and R. K. Dua in New Delhi.

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