Faber India launches exciting offers for your kitchen

Weekend platter, Faber serves some exciting offers for your kitchen. Here are the discounts and product list –

  • Tender 3D T2S2L LTW60: Rs. 23,398 (offer price Rs. 10,990)
  • Stilo Slim 3D Plus T2S2 BK L TW 60: Rs. 27,490 (offer price Rs. 19,990)
  • HOB HGG 653 CRR BR E I: Rs. 19,219 (offer price Rs. 16,990)
  • Buy Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 90 at Rs. 31,500 (offer price Rs. 24,990) and get Built in Oven FBIO 65L 4F for Rs. 34,390 (offer price Rs. 15,990)
  • Buy Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 60 (Push Button) at Rs. 26,047 (offer price Rs. 16,990) and get HOBTOP HGG 603 CRR EBR CI for Rs. 18,990 (offer price Rs. 9,990)

Toll free: 1800 209 3484 | email: ks-customercare.in@franke.com | www.faberindia.com

Faber slogan: Air Matters

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